Meeting of the Board of the Global Compact Georgia Network

On September 9, the third meeting of the Board of the Global Compact Network Georgia was held at the Georgian-American University (GAU). The Board discussed the Network Action Plan (September-December 2016), the 2017-2020 Strategy, the first General Meeting of the Network, and the promotion of Women-Empowerment Principles (WEPs) among its members. 

The network action plan consists of several aspects, the development and operation of the network; Network popularization; Various activities; Events planned in cooperation with the Corporate Responsibility Club, support, and popularization of corporate social responsibility at the level of politics in Georgia. 

The Global Compact Network Georgia’s contact person reviewed the UN Global Compact Global Strategy, which is currently being prepared, and focused on the Global Network’s priority areas. It was noted that the strategy developed by the internal network should be in line with the global strategy. 

The board also discussed ways to activate existing members and attract new members, and discussed how the network could become attractive and useful to the business and what its main function should be. Members agreed that the network should be focused on providing practical assistance and assisting businesses in implementing corporate social responsibility. The Board also highlighted the need for business and civil society cooperation in this process. 

Civil Development Agency (CIDA) activities to promote corporate responsibility are supported by the ACCESS project, funded by the Institute for East-West Management (EWMI) and the United States Agency for International Development (USAID).