Leading businesses working to empower women

The non-governmental organization Cida, in cooperation with the UN Women and with the financial support of the Kingdom of Norway, is implementing the project “Joint Efforts for the Economic Empowerment of Women in Georgia”.  

One of the main components of the project is the empowerment of women in the business sector. To implement this component, CIDA conducted gender assessment in the Business Sector Women Empowerment Working Group member organizations, along with invited consultants, using the UN Global Compact and the WEPs Assessment Tool developed by the UN Women. 

Based on gender assessment, action plans for women’s empowerment have been developed in 13 companies operating in Georgia and the implementation process has begun. By the end of 2018, among other activities, it is planned to increase the number of companies supporting the principles of women empowerment and to develop action plans for women empowerment in at least 20 companies. 

Cida has been working to empower women in the business sector since 2016. In 2017, 5 leading companies operating in Georgia through CIDA developed and implemented action plans for women’s empowerment in the business sector based on gender assessment.