MBC - Micro Business Capital

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    Micro Business Capital

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    Tamta Aslanishvili

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  • Email: [email protected]
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    Ketevan Dedofali Ave. # 68, 0144 Tbilisi

Micro-finance organization “Micro Business Capital” (MBC) is a modern organization operating by innovative and international standards. It aims at offering tailored financial services to micro, small businesses and farmers through transparent relationships with customers.

MBC, as a socially responsible financial institution, strives for contributing to the sustainable development of the country. Corporate Social Responsibility is an integral part of MBC’s business model and is reflected in the company’s values: transparency, accountability, partnership, ethical corporate management and innovation.

Financial education and professional training is an important part of quality education.

Decision-making on partnership projects:
NGOs are welcome to proactively reach out with cooperation ideas.


“Responsible business is the core of our operations at MBC that includes care for employees, customers, wider society and the environment that we are operating in.

Managing business responsibly is especially important in micro-finance sector. Since our establishment, we set a goal for ourselves to build trustworthy and transparent reputation. We consider our organizational culture, corporate management style, equal employment opportunity and healthy competition, experienced team and stable financial partners as the main achievement of this goal. Our corporate responsibility and framework of values are in full alignment with our business philosophy. It’s our responsibility to achoeve comercial success through complying with ethical norms, protecting the environment, caring for society and educating those in need” – Eter Chachibaia.

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