LEPL Legal Aid Service

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    LEPL Legal Aid Service

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    Ketevan Muradashvili

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  • Email: [email protected]
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    David Agmashenebeli Avenue 140a

Legal Aid Service is a state organization which provides free legal assistance for socially vulnerable citizens who would not be able to pay for attorney’s services otherwise. The Legal Aid Service was created in July 2007 and as of today it covers almost the whole country through legal aid bureaus and consultation centers.

Free legal aid provides services such as:

  • Free legal counseling on any legal issues;
  • Compiling legal documents (filing applications, mediations etc);
  • Services of attorney free of charge during criminal proceedings for the accused, convict and acquitted  
  • Service of the attorney on cases involving non-consensual psychiatric treatment;
  • Services of lthe attorney for such administrative offenses which may entail arrest;
  • Service of the attorney for those accused and convicts subjected to disciplinary proceedings in penitentiary institutions;
  • Service of the attorney free of charge on specific cases of civil and administrative laws;
  • Representation in administrative bodies. Insolvency

The Legal Aid Service provides free legal service through its bureaus, consultation centers and a pool of invited pro bono lawyers.

Access to justice (free legal aid)

Human Rights

Labor Rights

Environmental Protection

Fight Against Corruption