Jorbenadze & Gatserelia Counselors

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    Jorbenadze & Gatserelia Counselors

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    Diana Inanashvili

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  • Email: inanashvili@jgc.ge
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    I. Chavchavadze Ave 43. st. Tbilisi

Jorbenadze & Gatserelia Counselors (JG Counselors) is a Georgian Law firm that incorporates in itself legal practice, scientific knowledge and international relations. The company aims to create a higher competitive legal market and provide high quality legal services for both physical and legal entities.  The company unites several dozen highly qualified employees who understand and work together with you to solve the toughest legal issues in major industries and who are maximally focused on each client and their interests. 

Vocational education, thematic trainings, workshops, etc.

Decision-making on partnership projects:
You can contact us at any time with an idea. The decision will be made within a reasonable time.


Implementing corporate sustainability and participating to achieve SDGs are an integral and prominent part of our company. We believe that, regardless of scale, every business entity should make its contribution to the achievement of SDGs.

Human Rights

Labor Rights

Environmental Protection

Fight Against Corruption