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    Maia Shishniashvili

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  • Email: mshishniashvili@innova.ge
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    Ir. Abashidze st. 79, Tbilisi

Innova is a management consulting company that has been operating in the local market for seventeen years. We provide management consulting services, which include provision of services and business solutions tailored to organisations of different sizes and organisations working in various fields. During this period, our services were selected by private companies as well as non-profit and non-governmental organisations. The main services are research and marketing strategy, business development, strategic planning.


Creating decent working conditions for the company’s employees, internship programmes, conditions created for professional development for the employees. Equal conditions of employment, promotion and decision-making process.


Innova seeks to implement policies that are in line with the SDG objectives both within the organisation itself and to guide them through these values when implementing consulting projects and to share with client organisations.

Human Rights

Labor Rights

Environmental Protection

Fight Against Corruption