High-Tech Solutions

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    High-Tech Solutions

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    Nino Gvazava

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  • Email: [email protected]
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    Bokhua Street, 4

HT Solutions (High-Tech Solutions Ltd) is a Georgian IT Consulting Company founded in 2008.

On the Georgian market, HT Solutions offers a wide range of high-quality IT Services.

“Doing what we like and what we are best at, we are becoming recognized leader of IT sector and a trusted partner for our customers, helping them achieve business objectives through the use of cutting edge Information Technology to get a quick return on investment. This is our mission we’re trying to fulfill through building up competence, trust, and long-term relations with our customers and partners.”


Gender Equality


Our main value is the love of our country, the desire to change reality for the better through technologies, and hard work. We are looking for people who share these values ​​in the first place, as the 2020 crisis has shown us the importance of uniting a ream under a common idea. We are going to be uncompromising in terms of values ​​when joining new team members. Together with our foreign partners, we will actively promote the professional development of our employees to meet international standards. At this stage, we are looking for stars with whom we will improve the lives of Georgian citizens and be their technological ambassadors abroad.

Human Rights

Labor Rights

Environmental Protection

Fight Against Corruption