Georgian Hazelnut Growers Association

  • Organization:

    Georgian Hazelnut Growers Association

  • Sector:


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  • Date of establishment :


  • Contact person:

    Giorgi Kobalia

  • Annual budget allocated for CR initiatives:

    25 000

  • Email: [email protected]
  • Address:

    Tsalenjikha, Zghvaia Settlement 5200

Georgian Hazelnut Growers Association was established in 2013 and currently has about 25,000 members as part of 2,600 working groups. The main goal of the association is to increase the knowledge related to hazelnut care in Georgia, improve the quality of hazelnuts and increase production. The work of the association is distinguished by the fact that its members use the group work method, which allows them to share their practical experience with each other and find ways to solve various problems together. Each group has a leading farmer.

Our main priority is to provide proper work conditions and economic growth opportunities for people living in rural communities and regions, because we believe that solving these issues will advance us towards achieving sustainable development goals.

Decision-making process on partnership projects:

Stage 1:

Information about the applicant (a statement from the public registry in case of legal entities);


Information about previous projects;


Stage 2:

Project proposal;

Action plan;


The decision is made within 5 days at each stage.


Effective economic growth, fighting against poverty and inequality is the way of achieving each sustainable development goal.

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Labor Rights

Environmental Protection

Fight Against Corruption