Georgia and Asia-Africa Chamber of Commerce (GAACC)

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    Georgia and Asia-Africa Chamber of Commerce (GAACC)

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    Murman Alavidze

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  • Email: [email protected]
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    Tbilisi, Davit Gamrekeli Street N8

Georgia and Asia-Africa Chamber of Commerce (GAACC) was established by the International Relations Centre in 2017 in order to provide a full support in terms of new contacts and useful acquaintances not only in Georgia but in other regions throughout Asia and Africa. GAACC has been designed to unify and connect successful entrepreneurs and businesses from Asia and Africa.


Quality Education, Gender Equality, Industry, Innovation and Infrastructure, Partnerships to Achieve the Goals

Decision-making on partnership projects: 

Our association has about 100 members, with whom we implement various joint initiatives within the CSR direction. We respond to ideas received from members on time as we have minimized bureaucratic processes. However, we also acknowledge the fact that other organizations can contact us at any time with ideas, coordination will take place as soon as possible. From our side, there is a willingness to provide maximum support in case of common interests and available resources.


It is a great honor and privilege for me to welcome you at Georgia and Asia-Africa Chamber of Commerce(GAACC) where businesses and new opportunities bind. Signing the Sustainable Development Goals was an important fact for us, and although the organization has been actively working on corporate social responsibility, today we pay special attention to this area and try to implement interesting projects as these goals serve to create a better world. Remember, alone we can do little, but together we can always do so much.

Human Rights

Labor Rights

Environmental Protection

Fight Against Corruption