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    GEC Consulting

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    Levan Pangani

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  • Email: info@gec-consulting.com
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    Tbilisi 0179, Melikishvili St. 10, Office 12

GEC is an international business consulting company that has been providing advice to private and public organizations on improving and developing their operations since 2010.
GEC operates in various countries and has offices in Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan.
GEC’s mission is to help clients find ways to improve their performance, discover potential and business opportunities, and build a sustainable organization. Our experience allows us to work effectively and make the most effective decisions when implementing complex projects of partners and clients.

Health and well-being: Safety and health is one of the top priorities for GEC. We care about the health and well-being of our employees. Creating a free work environment. The company fully covers the health insurance of employees and their families.

Quality education: We promote the professional growth and development of employees. We conduct internal trainings. We fund various certification programs for our team members. The GEC team is actively involved in the training process for entrepreneurs and students to ensure a sustainable future based on knowledge and innovation.

Gender Equality: Promoting equal rights for women and men in the workplace, fostering their professional development. 60% of our employees are women. And 50% of the company management is female.

Decent work and economic growth: We create an environment where every employee feels valued. A constantly growing and development-oriented free environment ensures the well-being of each employee.

Achieving Climate Sustainability: Addressing the causes of climate change is important for both the environment and the global economy. Our services, such as sustainable finance and investment, sustainable reporting, etc., help companies / organizations measure their impact, carbon footprint, and contribute to achieving climate sustainability.

Partnership for Sustainable Development: Assisting our partners and clients in developing, achieving sustainability and building a strong organization. We are actively involved in public discussions and conferences on sustainable development, SDGs, climate change, in various associations.

Decision-making on partnership projects: 
NGOs can proactively contact us at any time with an idea.

The fundamental value of GEC activities is sustainable development. Using a systematic approach, our company adheres to the principles of Real Business Sustainability (Business Sustainability 3.0) to make a positive impact on the environment, economy and society, and to meet the challenges of the 21st century. To integrate sustainable business practices at all levels of business and to contribute to the sustainable transformation of the world.

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