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    Element Construction

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    Ekaterine Mamamtavrishvili

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    Mgaloblishvili st. N13, Tbilisi, Georgia

“Element Construction” activities include industrial, hydraulic and civil construction. The company’s values ​​are in line with the principles of the UN Global Compact. “Element Construction” is focused on promoting energy efficient construction, and improving the current socio-economic situation through active construction process throughout Georgia.

Creating equal opportunities for education – In response to the challenge of access to education, Element Construction handed over tablet computers to successful Kizikeli students and provided them with Internet access. The company was awarded a special diploma from the Education Fund for its contribution to the education of young people.

Supporting Young Startups – Element Construction supported entrepreneurial ideas of more than 160 teens;

Trainings – Sharing the acquired knowledge – “Element Construction” gives the employees maximum opportunities to realize their potential – in the form of international trainings or involvement in various current events in the construction industry.

Cooperation with social enterprises – “Element Construction” is a strategic partner of “Knowledge Cafe”. The company believes that it is necessary to have a space at the regional level, which with its own activity and visions, and with the involvement of the community will create development prospects for the region.

Decision making on partnership projects:
The non-governmental sector can apply to Element Construction at any time with a partnership initiative. Each online application will be processed within 10 business days.

Sustainable Development Goals and Principles of Corporate Responsibility – this accompanies each cycle of Element Construction. Successful business means the opportunity to make a positive impact on important issues for the community. It means being effective, timely and responsible for existing challenges.

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