Chikatai LLC

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    Chikatai llc

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    Tamari Buighlishvili

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    Tbilisi, Vasil Petriashvili st. # 5

Chikatai was established in 2017 as a family business. We create ecologically clean, safe toys and decor for children aged 0 months and up that are in line with the European standards. All our toys are tested at the Turkish Toy Laboratory according to the EN-71 standard. Most of the toys are musical and play Gia Kancheli’s tunes. Our toys are either animals, birds or sea creatures, which is not a coincidence. We are friendly with nature, care for it and protect it and its inhabitants. This is the driving force behind Chikatai.


Raising biodiversity awareness and producing charitable toys, minimizing industrial waste, employing women and giving them vocation, esp. those that had never been employed before and have no income of their own.

Decision-making on partnership projects: 

Friendship Memorandum with the World-Wide Fund for Nature (WWF Georgia)


Including social responsibility into daily activities presently means doing business in the right manner. Maybe what we are doing for the environment is not enough, but we believe that even a small step is significant in this direction. With the development of our company, our share of responsibilities and our contribution to the development of sustainable economy also increases.

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