Center for Strategic Research and Development of Georgia

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    Center for Strategic Research and Development of Georgia

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    Non-governmental organization

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    Lela Khoperia

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  • Email: [email protected]
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    Tbilisi 0177, Jebashvili I exit N. 5 (former Delisi I lane, 5a)

Center for Strategic Research and Development of Georgia was established in 1995. Our mission is to promote good governance, sustainable, inclusive economic development and the formation of an active civil society for the well-being of the society in Georgia.


In order to popularize the CSR concept in Georgia and to inform various sectors, we constantly conduct communication campaigns, trainings, seminars, stakeholder forums, conferences and competitions.

Non-formal and formal education, civic activism, economic development, strengthening the civil sector, this is an incomplete list that we take into account when planning and implementing projects.

Decision-making on partnership projects: 

The goal of the programme is to raise awareness of corporate social responsibility (CSR) in the country and to provide expertise to those interested in the topic. To achieve this goal, we actively work with government agencies, as well as directly with large and small business companies, with media and universities.

The mission of the Center for Strategic Research and Development of Georgia is to build civil society through the promotion of bilateral dialogue between government and society. For this, the organisation has introduced international standards – registered as a member of the UN Global Compact, promotes the ISO 26000 standard and promotes the Global Reporting Initiative and other reporting standards. For companies trainings and seminars are used to disseminate similar information, as well as publications, stakeholder forums and conferences.

Transparency: The CSRDG publishes an annual report and regularly communicates activities to stakeholders through a variety of media outlets. The report is available on the organisation’s website and meetings with stakeholders are arranged as needed.

In particular:

  • We work with the government to develop state policies to promote corporate social responsibility, and to establish an appropriate institutional and legislative environment;
  • In 2012 we published a book – Analytical Review and Recommendations to the Government of Georgia;
  • Handbook was published in 2012 – Corporate Social Responsibility – General overview;
  • We collaborate with various sectors to create a conducive environment of corporate social responsibility;
  • We conduct analytical studies of international practice;
  • We work with civil society organisations;
  • We work with the media – from 2018 we held a competition for journalists – “Journalists for the Corporate Social Responsibilities”;
  • A training course on corporate social responsibility has been introduced with universities. Our published textbook is the only Georgian textbook used by various universities;
  • We provide micro-grants to civil society organisations – from 2018 we will provide grants specifically to promote cross-sectoral partnerships in the regions of Georgia;
  • We work with business companies to help them implement modern standards of social responsibility in their business;
  • In 2018, we published a manual textbook – a corporate social responsibility guide for small and medium businesses;
  • From 2018, we conduct competition – “Meliora Georgian Responsible Business Competition Meliora”, where both large business companies and representatives of medium-sized businesses participate.

In order to popularize the CSR concept in Georgia and to inform various sectors, we regularly conduct communication campaigns, trainings, seminars, stakeholder forums and conferences.


Since its inception, the organization has been working to improve the well-being of Georgian citizens. Since 2007, our organization has joined the UN Global Compact Initiative. We reaffirm our continued support for the Ten Universal Principles of Global Compact. Through our activities we contribute to the achievement of sustainable development goals.

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