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    BDO Georgia

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    Keti Macharashvili

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    Ivane Tarkhnishvili 2, Vere Business Center

BDO Georgia, one of the largest auditing and business consulting companies in Georgia, is a member of BDO’s international network of independent auditing firms.
BDO was founded in Georgia in 1999 and unites more than 250 professionals. Supported by a global network of 167 countries and territories, BDO helps clients with innovative approaches to their business development, workflow refinement and digital transformation.
The company holds the Information Security Management System Certificate ISO / IEC 27001.
The main services of BDO are: Audit and Assurance Services, Tax Services, Business Services and Outsourcing, Corporate Finance, Legal Services, Business Training, Data Analytics and Management, Ai & Machine Training, Cyber ​​& Information Security, RPA Robotic Process Automation, Le / Agile Transformation, Modern Workspace Office 365, BI Systems, ERP Systems, CRM Systems.

A sustainable business model is unalterable for BDO. We work to create long-term value for society in social, environmental and economic terms. To do this, our strategy is to promote awareness through sustainability services, community action and motivation.

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