Adjara Group Holding

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    Adjara Group Holding

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    Guram Sakvarelidze

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  • Email: [email protected]
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    14 Kostava Street, Tbilisi, Georgia

Adjara Group Holding is a leading company that creates innovative ecosystems in Tbilisi and different regions of Georgia, thus helping to create new jobs, share knowledge, improve the skills of the local population and, consequently, make a significant contribution to strengthening the country’s economy.


  • Employment of local population, creation of high-paying jobs, employment of economically vulnerable groups;
  • Introduction of the principles of efficient agriculture, harvest sharing;
  • Corporate packages for company employees, customized leave system, health and safety protocol;
  • Vocational education and training, trainings for managers;
  • 50/50 gender redistribution on the workplace, promotion of female leaders, equal payment system;
  • Increase the consumption of electricity as renewable energy at facilities, use of electric vehicles, promotion of the development of renewable energy sources;
  • Elimination of harassment and inequality at the workplace, implementation of the principles of inclusion in business operations;
  • Sustainable development, renovation and conversion of the existing buildings / premises, creation of ecosystems;
  • Waste recycling; paper recycling; Introduction of the principles of sustainable food products consumption;
  • Introduction of energy-efficient operations and technologies, reduction of CO2 emissions;
  • Biodiversity, combating desertification, promoting alternative and more sustainable agricultural production methodologies;
  • Proactive partnership with international and non-governmental organisations to achieves Sustanable Development Goals.

Decision-making on partnership projects: 

NGO representatives can contact the company representative at any time and offer different types of collaboration. All applications will be reviewed by the responsible persons and a notice of the decision will be sent to the applicant.


“Sustainable development goals and corporate responsibility principles are an integral part of our business strategy, which is reflected in the management of the company’s existing resources, as well as in the development of new projects,” – Board of Directors of Adjara Group Holding.

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