"Leader" LTD

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  • Contact Person:

    Nino Giorgadze

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  • Email: leaderkids.ge@gmail.com
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    Gori, Jerusalem st. # 18

About the company:
Sewing Company “Leader” produces unique and exclusive clothes for children of 1-12 of age. “Leader Kids” is distinguished by well-crafted design and pleasant color synthesis. It is produced using natural materials and embroidering on it supports development of cognitive and social skills for children.


Employing disadvantaged women through vocational training; recycling sewing waste in order to reduce the amount.

Decision-making process on partnership projects:

The company discusses partnership proposals and makes decision in a week about joint projects.

“Corporate Social Responsibility isn’t about scale, small companies can do big things. Our primary goal is to empower socially disadvantaged women in the conflict zone because we believe that private sector has a significant role in fighting against gender-based violence. Strong woman means strong economics!” – Nino Giorgadze.

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