Parki ar minda

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    Parki ar minda

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    Non-governmental organization

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  • Contact person:

    Tatiana Remneva

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    [email protected]

  • Address:

    7, 1st Mtskheta Dead-end

Parki ar minda is a non-profit eco-educational project co-founded by Mariam Pesvianidze and Tatiana Remneva.
The goal of the organization is to offer comprehensive information and solutions for a more eco-friendly life in Georgia and to provide consultations for interested parties on sustainable and green practices as needed.
To achieve the goal, the company offers several products: fabric bags, eco-taxi service; hold events – eco-networkings, public talks, clean-ups & Clean Games, and SWAP-parties.

Promoting a sustainable and green lifestyle; Supporting waste reduction activities; Taking action against climate change and protecting the environment.


“Corporate responsibility does not need large dimensions, small companies can do great things. We support the creation of a sustainable and healthy future with equal opportunities. We urge everyone to be more responsible for the impact we have on our daily lives.”

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Environmental Protection

Fight Against Corruption