Wissol Group

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    Wissol Group

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    Rusudan Kbilashvili

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  • Email: [email protected]
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    Chavchavadze Ave. # 7 b

Development history of the “Wissol Group” started 20 years ago by distributing oil products. Nowadays, “Wissol” is one of the largest business groups in Georgia that covers not only almost all areas of energy sector but also manages projects in infrastructure, ads, hospitality, supermarket and restaurant chains. Brands by Wissol Group: Wissol Petroleum Georgia, Auto Service Chain – Vianor Georgia, Real Estate Company MP Development, Ads Company “Alma”, Supermarket Chain “Smart”, American Restaurant Chains – “Wendy’s Georgia” and “Dunkin”.

Environment protection, healthy life-style, supporting elderly people affected by the pandemic.

Decision-making on partnership projects:
Any organization can present any idea.


“With successful business activities of Wissol Group, we want to contribute to the economic development of Georgia and social well-being of its population. Strong business in its turn means employed people, technological and infrastructural development, highly professional
human capital and sustainable development of the local economy. Quality represents the core value of our business. Therefore, by providing quality products and services, we offer our customers a unique Wissol experience. By means of introducing innovative standards in the business management and services, we contribute to the development of the living standards
of the society we live in, as well as to the industries we are operating in. Besides, Wissol feels responsibility for environment protection and undertakes social investments, makes charity and implements community projects for social well-being of the society at large. Thus Wissol shares GC principles and furthermore, it is an honor for me personally to serve as the
Chairperson of the GC Local Network in Georgia.”

Human Rights

Labor Rights

Environmental Protection

Fight Against Corruption