DEPA Consulting

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    DEPA Consulting

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    Ilona Gogia

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  • Email: [email protected]
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    Tbilisi, Besarion Zhgenti Street N32

DEPA Consulting is focused on providing consultation and capacity building services in the following areas: Conduct sociological and marketing research, study customer and employee attitudes, monitor and evaluate organizational and project systems (M&E); Project/program evaluation, needs assessment, institutional development, policy planning, information and data management, and other similar services. In addition, the organization also provides trainings and advanced trainings and advanced qualification courses on the above issues.

The organization’s work is closely related to the Sustainable Development Goals, since we work in the field of consulting, provide monitoring and evaluation of various types of development-oriented projects, work on policy planning, oversee strategic documents and ensure capacity building.


The activities of the organization – research, evaluations of development programs, developed strategic and policy documents – contribute to the eradication of poverty in rural areas, reduction of inequality in society, sustainable urban development, and more. These activities contribute to the SDG goals.

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