Competition – Media for Responsible Business in Georgia

1. Who can participate in the competition? 

Journalists working in Georgia can participate in the competition. 

2. Terms of the competition: 

  • TV/radio reporting, print / online articles should be analytical and address current issues of corporate responsibility. 
  • The competition is open to all journalists whose material has been printed, published, aired from December 1, 2019 to July 20, 2020; 
  • One participant can submit several TV/radio reports, prints / online articles; 
  • The applicant must submit the text of the printed / online article in PDF format (technical characteristics: text must be in Georgian or English Language, font – Sylfaen, size 12, line spacing 1.5, text length should not exceed 1,000 words); 
  • The material submitted in the competition must be accompanied by the name of the media organization and a link to the published material; The name of the author, surname, contact information (telephone number, e-mail) must be indicated in the mail; 
  • In case of plagiarism, the contestant will be disqualified from the qualifying round. 
  • The deadline for submission of entries is July 20, 2020; 
  • The text can be sent only electronically to the following e-mail: globalcompact@cida.ge 
  • When sending, indicate in the subject line (“subject” field): “Media for responsible business”. 
  • The materials published by the applicants within the competition will be posted on the social pages of the organization, with the hashtag #mediaforresponsiblebusiness. 

3. Evaluation criteria: 

  • Relevance to the topic and original understanding of the issue 
  • The material should offer the author’s finding and analysis 
  • Problem vision 
  • Analysis and argumentation 
  • Objectively reflect the topic 

The winners of the competition will be awarded prizes in the following categories: 

• The best TV / radio story; 

• Best newspaper / internet article; 

The competition is organized by the Georgia Network of SIDA / Global Compact with the support of the Government of Sweden within the project “Leadership for Sustainable Development in Georgia”.