Meeting of the Board of Global Compact Georgia Network

On June 1st 2016 at the BP Georgia Office second meeting of the Board of Global Compact Georgia was held where the representatives of the organization have discussed the plans and challenges of the Network.

The contact person for the Global Compact Georgia Network Salome Zurabishvili has talked about the regional meeting held in May in Prague by the Global Compact Europe Network. She has highlighted priority areas of the Global Compact Network and the United Nations’ Strategy of Global Compact.

The members of the board have discussed the events of the Network and the Corporate-Social Responsibility Club and have highlighted the possibility of synergy of the two platforms.

The Board has also brought up an issue of activation of the business, ways of motivating existing members and attracting new members. The Board members have agreed that during the summer period the Network will elaborate the Strategy and Action Plan. The Global Compact Georgia Network will take into account the experience of the European Networks and will offer its members attractive service packages.